Chinlone Betting in Detail for Punters

Chinlone Betting in Detail for Punters

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Chinlone is a sport specific to the region of Myanmar, located in Burma. It features a group of players passing a ball between one another with kicks. One player is situated in the middle of a circle of other players, and must pass the ball to these players without the ball touching the ground.

The players in the circle must return the ball to the central player, again without it touching the ground. Making the game even more interesting is the players in the circle walk at a slow, constant pace. The overall objective of the game is to make the ball passes as elaborate and entertaining as possible.

At its core, the people of Myanmar refer to Chinlone as a specialised dance. Simply passing the ball back and forth is not enough, and players are encouraged to create new, elaborate and entertaining ways to pass the ball. When Chinlone is played by the people of Myanmar, the objective is never anything more than to be entertaining to those who are watching. Spectators will generally cheer and clap the more elaborate the pass is, creating an atmosphere of fun and excitement. The game is played by men, women, and children, and some games will even have players stepping out of the moving circle to allow others in, which is seen as the mark of very skilled players.

Chinlone History

The game of Chinlone, although similar to other games in the area, is specific to the region of Myanmar in Burma. It is a sport that has been around since at least the 1800s, played casually by people in the streets. It was not until much later, in the 1950s, that the game gained an enormous push in popularity. This was due to the government of Myanmar wanting to re-establish pride in the people of the country, and so used Chinlone as a way to garner a love for the countries unique culture. Chinlone is now more popular than it has ever been, and is even used in schools to help children bond and learn teamwork.

In the 2013 Southeast Asia games Myanmar was set to be hosting country, which marked an enormous opportunity for the nation and its people. Chinlone played a central role in these games, as was used as a showcase for the talent of the people of Myanmar.

Chinlone Betting

Chinlone Bet Making

Given that the game is not ordinarily competitive, it would be thought that bet makers would not find enjoyment in placing bets on Chinlone. There is, however, a league of professional Chinlone players. A rulebook was written that allows the game to be played competitively, and many say that is one of the most entertaining professional sports.

Compared to soccer at, only a few online betting sites provide betting options for Chinlone, but those that do generally have a wide variety of specialised betting options. It is possible to simply bet on a team to win, but also to predict how many times the ball will be passed before it hits the ground. Those familiar with Chinlone say that as a bet making game, it is one of the most entertaining sports.